“Blast from the Past”

Fashion is always changing but no matter how it changes, designers use inspiration from the past. My favorite Fall 2018 designer is Laurence & Chico. Laurence & Chico is a Canadian based womenswear and accessories brand founded in 2015.

According to Laurence & Chico’s website, “Inspirations are drawn from Laurence’s personalized illustrations depicting their daily lives, these personal illustrations and youth culture is combined with an emphasis on prints and the use of intricate handiwork”

The first time I had seen the work was on Cardi B and I instantly became obsessed.

Image result for cardi b in laurence and chico
Image from: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for E11EVEN MIAMI

The collection and looks are bit out there but I love the unique twist on what reminds me of the 1920’s fashion.

Some of the Fall 2018 Collection:

Source for collection: The Cut, Laurence and Chico Fall 2018 RTW



After first viewing the collection, what caught my eye the most was the dark jewel tones, the silk, the fur collars, the straight silhouettes, and the pearls. It was the 1920’s women’s fashion reverted into an amazingly creative and wild collection. The collection incorporated the tailored suit for women, knee length dresses, and fringe. I was living for this and still am.

The large, statement hats even resemble the bell shaped hats that were popular at that time. I believe fashion, of any kind, never goes out of style.



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