I’m e-hooked to Fashion

Digital magazines I am over it. I am over the digital world, I want normal tangible items for everything. I know the world evolves and things change but I don't want the social media, the dating apps, the digital magazines, I want the real. It was an awesome app, Texture, and the content and extensive... Continue Reading →


Goodbye New York

Well, it sure hasn't felt like I have been in the concrete jungle for almost two months, but the time is here. Coming here I would have never thought I would feel the way I do now. It turns out my love for the city wasn't as always true as I thought it was. This... Continue Reading →

Playing the Part

Guess what!? We are making a magazine and as we I mean my fashion media class. The class has turned into an editorial e-room with assigned positions. I am the production co-designer with Emily Kopchak and the production manager is Meghann Morrow. We are responsible for completing the e-magazine layout. This includes the nameplate, subject/feature... Continue Reading →

“Happy Indie-pendence”

Happy almost 4th of July! Independence is what makes our lives so great. Today we are going to discuss india fashion print media. What is that you ask? Well it is independent fashion media. The media it is not owned by anything corporate or government. We are going to focus on the indie magazine The Gentlewoman.... Continue Reading →

Event Coverage: Gay Pride

As many of you may know, this month is Pride month. With that come parades, celebrations, and supportive friends. This past weekend in NYC was their Pride Parade, which my friends and I attended. It was my first Pride Parade and it was amazing. There were so many people though it made it hard to... Continue Reading →

Reaction to Bill Cunningham’s Memoir

Yes, you read that title right, Bill Cunningham has a memoir and it is set to be published in September! This was not something Bill had set up to be published before he had passed, but something they had found. The New York Times wrote an article about the memoir titled Bill Cunningham Left Behind a... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Bill Cunningham

This week I hit the streets of NYC to spot out some trends. This is a tribute street style post to Bill Cunningham, an American fashion photographer who worked for the New York Times. He was able to capture such high quality images of people in the most creative outfits just walking the street. He... Continue Reading →

Fashion Media: American vs. Global

Fashion is all over the world but not many of us take the time to buy fashion publications that don't have its own U.S production. I personally don't, and it's not because I'm not interested but because I just don't think about it. Today we are going to look and compare one international and one... Continue Reading →

“Blast from the Past”

Fashion is always changing but no matter how it changes, designers use inspiration from the past. My favorite Fall 2018 designer is Laurence & Chico. Laurence & Chico is a Canadian based womenswear and accessories brand founded in 2015. According to Laurence & Chico's website, "Inspirations are drawn from Laurence’s personalized illustrations depicting their daily lives,... Continue Reading →

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